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Our primary mode of communication with applicants is email. Please provide a valid email address on your application form and check your email, including your junk folder, on a regular basis. Once your application has been reviewed you will receive a confirmation email from the College's registration services team with information about what is needed to complete your application process.

Application for Registration

In order to practice as a registered nurse (RN) in Manitoba and use the designation “registered nurse”, “RN” or “graduate nurse”, “GN”, you must register with the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba on the register of practicing registered nurses or the register of graduate nurses. These instructions apply to individuals who were educated as an RN outside Canada and who are currently, or have ever been, registered as an RN with the regulatory body in the country where they received their entry-level RN education, and who wish to apply to write the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination (CRNE) in order to be eligible to apply for registration in Manitoba.

Information Required for Registration

Assessment for CRNE eligibility requires the College to open a file for you to begin your application process. Please be advised that we will not keep any documentation received before an application file has been opened and assigned an applicant number. The following pieces of information must be submitted to the College as one complete package in order to open an application file:
  1. A completed internationally educated nurse application form

  2. The non-refundable application processing fee of $525.00 ($500.00 plus $25.00 GST) in Canadian funds. You can pay by cash, certified cheque or money order (payable to the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba), Visa, MasterCard or Interac. If paying by credit card, you must include your credit card number, expiry date and signature on the application form. Interac and cash payments are only accepted in person at the College office.

  3. Proof of identification (photo) – acceptable forms of identification include: photocopy of passport, permanent resident card, driver’s license or other government-issued picture identification and a copy of marriage/ divorce certificate (if applicable to verify a name change)

  4. Results from one of the accepted language tests. If English or French is not your first language*, you can't apply until you are able to provide evidence of having achieved acceptable scores on one of the English or French language tests accepted by the College. For the purpose of opening a file, you may include a copy of the test results that you received, but must arrange for the College to receive a copy of the official results directly from the testing company within one month from the date of the application. Language fluency test results are valid for two years from the date of the test.

    NOTE: English or French is only considered to be your first language if it is either:
    • the language you primarily use for reading, writing, listening and speaking and it is the language you first learned and understood in childhood
    • the language you primarily use for reading, writing, listening and speaking and it is the language you know best and are most comfortable with

  5. Proof of immigration status – you must provide a copy of current Canadian immigration documents (e.g. Canadian Citizenship, permanent residency documents, temporary resident visa, student visa or authorization under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act). For information regarding immigration, visas or working and studying in Manitoba, please contact the Canadian consulate in your country or Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The College does not provide information or assistance with immigration matters.
The above documents must be received by the College as one complete package. If any documents arrive separately they will be discarded. A file will be opened for you once we have received all of the above items.

Additional Documents

For an application to be considered complete and brought forward for assessment, the following additional documents are required:
  1. Verification of Documents – This is used to verify the authenticity of documents. You must complete and send the International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS) application form to IQAS for a basic assessment. You will need to send original transcripts of your entire educational history (including secondary education) to IQAS. IQAS will return the original documents to you. If midwifery/obstetrics and/or psychiatric/mental health courses were completed following your basic program, you must send these original transcripts as well. IQAS will mail the completed assessment directly to us. We suggest that you begin the IQAS assessment as soon as possible as it can take several weeks for the assessment to be completed. For more information visit;

  2. Criminal Record Check – you will need to undergo a nation-wide criminal record check that includes a vulnerable sector search. The criminal record check must be current within six months of the date of the application. Please ensure all current and former names (if applicable) are shown on the criminal record check. You must provide a criminal record check from any country, including Canada, in which you resided within the previous six months. This process may include submitting fingerprints. Once the criminal record check has been completed you must send the College the original copy. The criminal record check is valid for one year from the date it was issued. Faxes, photocopies and scanned copies will not be accepted.

  3. Verification of Registration – complete the upper portion of the request for verification of registration form and send it to the licensing authority in the country/province/state where you were first registered and the licensing authorities in all countries, provinces or states where you have been registered within the past seven years. Please make copies of the form so that you have enough to send away. The jurisdictions must complete the forms and return them directly to us. Verifications of registration are valid for one year from the date they were completed, or sooner if an expiry date is indicated on the verification form. Faxes, photocopies and scanned copies will not be accepted.

  4. NOTE: Applicants who wrote the June 2006 licensure examination in the Philippines must provide proof of having successfully completed (score of 75% of better) the special voluntary examination, which was authorized by the Philippine Department of Labour and Employment (DOLE), Parts III(3) and V(5).

  5. Assessment of Nursing Education – College policy states: Applicants who successfully completed post-secondary registered nursing education outside of Canada are eligible for referral to undergo a clinical competence assessment if there is evidence of:
    • A minimum of two years of post-secondary nursing education that includes theoretical instruction along the health continuum and which includes providing care to people of all ages, genders, in a variety of settings; and
    • The nursing program included a minimum of 1,450 clinical practice hours (not including laboratory or clinical simulation) as per the Standards for Nursing Education Programs; or
    • The nursing program included a number of clinical practice hours (not including laboratory or clinical simulation) that, when combined with the applicant’s verified RN practice hours post-graduation, equal a minimum of 1,450 hours.

    Applicants who do not meet the requirements set out in #1 above, are not eligible to undergo a clinical competence assessment.

    Complete the upper portion of the Basic Nursing Education Request for Transcript form and send it to the school where you received your basic nursing education. If midwifery/ obstetrics and/ or psychiatric/ mental health courses were completed following the basic program, you must also send a copy of this form to the school where you completed these courses. The schools must complete the forms, provide a transcript(s), and send them directly to CRNM.

  6. Verification of Practice Hours – complete the upper portion of the verification of practice hours form and send it to all employers you have worked for as an RN during the past five years. Please make copies of the form so that you have enough to send away. The employers must complete the forms and return them directly to us. Faxes, photocopies and scanned copies will not be accepted.

  7. Documentation of Registered Nursing Experience and Practice – If you have practiced as a nurse, complete this form to provide information regarding your current and previous nursing practice by documenting all of your registered nursing experience and practice since you graduated from your nursing program. Please provide as much detail as possible.
The additional documents listed above will only be accepted by the College once a file has been opened for you. Documents received before a file is opened for you will be discarded.

Assessment and CRNE

In the event that there are inconsistencies in any of the information that is provided to the College during the application process, we reserve the right to require that additional supporting documentation be provided. This means you may have to provide information not listed above. The College may make improvements or changes to the information described at any time without notice.

After we have received the registration requirements outlined above, your application will be considered complete and assessment will begin. Your application will be assessed for evidence of competence to practice that is substantially equivalent to the competencies required of registered nurses in Manitoba. If the documents you submitted meet our minimum application requirements, you will be referred for a CCA.

You will be notified when you are eligible to apply to write the CRNE. You must write and pass the CRNE in order to be eligible to apply for registration in Manitoba.

If all the requirements listed above are not received within one year from the date a file is opened, the file will be closed. You will need to begin the application process over if you still wish to pursue registration in Manitoba.

Questions? Please contact us:
Telephone: (204) 774-3477
Toll free (Manitoba only): (800) 665-2027
Fax: (204) 775-7117
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