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May 31, 2019

Practice Expectation Spotlight

What makes a learning plan a great one?

Examples of great self-development plans submitted as part of the CCP program

Each year, RNs commit to ongoing learning by completing our continuing competency program (CCP). For the first time ever, we designated May as “CCP Month” and it’s been a fun four weeks celebrating all things learning.

During this month, we had the opportunity to speak with many RNs about their learning goals, and discover how we can support them as they complete their learning plans over the year. This month alone, we made six presentations to different teams in hospital, long-term care and community practice settings and have many more planned after today.

During these presentations, a lot of RNs had questions on how to structure their learning and were curious to know what makes a “great” self-development plan. While we answered these questions on the spot, we also wanted to share some real-life examples with RNs.

Below are examples of excellent self-development plans that were completed by some of our very own nursing colleagues – we hope RNs find these helpful! Please note you may need to click in a table and use your up and down arrow keys to scroll through sections of these examples.

Examples from 2018 CCP submissions:

New additions from 2019 CCP submissions (published April 29, 2020):

New additions from 2021 CCP submissions (published March 14, 2022):

We’d love to come to your workplace to talk about the CCP! Let us know if we can stop by and share some knowledge by connecting with us at ccp@crnm.mb.ca.

Updated: March 17, 2022