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December 21, 2021


Council Highlights – December 9, 2021

Top 7 things you need to know

  1. Council approved the Practice Direction:Criteria for Reserved Acts Requiring Additional Education as part of its regular 3-year review process for practice directions.
  2. Council voted to approve the Red River Polytech Nurse Re-Entry Program (NREP) for 3 years. This new program is based on, and is an amalgamation of two existing programs: the Bridging Pathway for Internationally Educated Nurses (BPIEN) and RN Refresher Program.
  3. Council reviewed and approved the Council selection process criteria, timelines, and terms of reference for the Council Member Selection Panel.
  4. Council reviewed and approved the 2022 Council budget and received a report on the College’s 2022 operating budget.
  5. Council endorsed the 2022 interpretation of the Public Benefit Policy strategic outcomes and associated Wildly Important Goals.
  6. Council received and approved policy interpretations and monitoring reports for policies
    EE-3, EE-6, EE-12 and CR-2.
  7. Council approved revisions to policies EE-10 and GP-5.