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September 7, 2022

Media Releases

College adding flexibility for IEN applicants to meet registration requirements

Qualified applicants will have the option to do the full Nurse Re-Entry Program instead of a CCA

WINNIPEG – The College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba is delivering on its commitment to addressing the significant nursing workforce challenges in Manitoba. Effective immediately, qualified internationally educated applicants will have the option to choose to do the full Nurse Re-Entry Program (NREP) at Red River College Polytechnic instead of a Clinical Competence Assessment (CCA).

This change is one of the significant outcomes of the work the College has been working with the Manitoba government and other health system leaders to identify opportunities to streamline its registration processes or provide options for applicants to demonstrate how they meet registration requirements.

Prior to this change, internationally educated applicants were required to do a CCA to identify any gaps in their nursing competencies before potentially being referred to complete NREP courses addressing those gaps. The College believes that giving applicants options to make informed decisions about how they navigate the process represents a positive step forward for applicants and Manitobans.

A key part of this effort has been to make certain that any solution that is implemented continues to ensure all RNs who are authorized to practise in Manitoba can do so safely.

“The significant updates to the NREP at RRCP, which merges the former RN Refresher program and Bridging Program for IENs, give us confidence that this new option for internationally educated applicants will provide similar levels of quality assurance as the CCA,” said Deb Elias, CEO/Registrar. “We think this is an effective solution for applicants and for Manitobans. It provides flexibility for qualified applicants who may prefer this pathway, gives the College more ways to recognize and value the education and experience that applicants bring to the table, all the while ensuring that requirements are met for entry to registered nursing practice in Manitoba.”

Any current applicants who may be eligible to choose either the full NREP or the CCA will be notified by College staff. For more information, please consult the internationally educated nurse applicant page on our website.


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