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June 16, 2023


June 2023 Council and AGM Highlights

Top 7 Things You Need to Know


Council meeting – Thursday, June 8, 2023

  1. Council approved the appointment of 6 new council members following the conclusion of the council selection process. Council would like to thank all who applied and expressed interest in supporting the College’s public interest mandate. The successful candidates are:
    • Jason Powell, public representative
    • Joanna Knowlton, public representative
    • Kristen McGregor, RN
    • Martha Ross, RN(NP)
    • Oluwatosin Daso, RN
    • Brenda Janz, RN
  2. Council approved updates to policies EE-2: Employee Relations, EE-13 Signing Authority, Authorization of Expenses, and Electronic Signatures, and GP-4.4: Governance Committee Terms of Reference.
  3. Council also approved monitoring reports and policy interpretations for policies EE-3: Financial Planning/Execution/Condition, EE-8: Communication and Support to Council, EE-9: Emergency Executive Succession Planning, and PB-1: Public Benefit Policy.
  4. Council agreed in principle to grant conditional approval the Authorized Nurse Prescriber program at Red River College Polytechnic (RRCP) through May 31, 2024, allowing current students to continue in the program and to navigate any challenges in meeting the Standards for Nursing Education Programs.
  5. Council reviewed and approved updates for 2024 registration and application fees. Further information will be provided in July 2023.

AGM and Other Council Highlights

  1. Registrants confirmed the College Bylaws at the 2023 AGM, following a report from the Council Chair and CEO/Registrar.
  2. Council and members of the College staff were engaged in intensive strategic planning sessions as part of ongoing efforts towards strategic renewal as the current strategic plan – the Public Benefit Policy – reaches its conclusion at the end of 2023.