About the College


Leadership and innovation in registered nursing regulation.


To protect the public through quality registered nursing regulation.


Excellence We strive to be and do the very best.
Leadership We demonstrate best practices in regulation.
Respect We trust our partners and work openly and honestly.
Innovation We collaborate to create unique approaches to opportunities and challenges.
Integrity We operate with fairness to ensure accountability.

What We Do

Mission Vision Values from CRNM on Vimeo.

Our mandate is to protect the public. Here are some of the ways we do our work:

  • We establish and maintain a registration process that ensures RNs are qualified and competent.
  • We set and maintain nursing practice standards for RNs.
  • We approve nursing education programs.
  • We receive and investigate complaints about the nursing practice and conduct of RNs.

The College has been the professional regulator for RNs in Manitoba since 1913. On May 31, 2018 we became governed under The Regulated Health Professions Act and Registered Nursing Regulation

Strategic Priorities

  1. Support registered nurses to meet and maintain regulatory standards.
  2. Work collaboratively to advance RN regulation.
  3. Increase awareness of the role of the College.

Want to see where we're at? Download our balanced scorecard for quarterly updates.

Three Pillars of Registered Nursing

In Manitoba, we recognize the importance of a “three-pillared” approach to registered nursing: a regulator, association and union. There is value in all organizations, as each has a unique  mission and perspective. Click here to learn about the role of each.