About the College

What We Do

Public Benefit Policy: Strategic Outcomes

The public can expect safe, high quality registered nursing practice. More specifically, the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba (CRNM) exists for the following public benefit:

Strategic Outcome 1: Public Confidence in Excellent Regulation

The Public can expect and understand that CRNM sets the conditions for registered nurses to practice safely, professionally, and with integrity in all domains of practice. The public can rely on fair, transparent, timely, effective and objective regulatory processes.

Strategic Outcome 2: Accountable, Quality Professional Practice

Ethical, competent, and accountable registered nurses practice safely, effectively, and collaboratively, consistent with the Standards of Practice, Practice Expectations, and Code of Ethics. They actively participate in continuous quality improvement that aligns with their scope of practice and builds continuing competence.

Strategic Outcome 3: Collaboration for Health System Impact

Collaborative working relationships within the regulatory and the health care sectors are advanced to build effective regulation, public safety, and quality care for the public. The government and stakeholders have compelling evidence from CRNM to inform policy decisions. 

Strategic Priorities

We accomplished all of our WIGS from 2015-2018. 

Our Role

The College has been the professional regulator for RNs in Manitoba since 1913. Our mandate is to protect the public. Here are some of the ways we do our work:

  • We establish and maintain a registration process that ensures RNs are qualified and competent.
  • We set and maintain nursing practice standards for RNs.
  • We approve nursing education programs.
  • We receive and investigate complaints about the nursing practice and conduct of RNs.