Council Elections

2019 Elections

Returning Officer's Report

In accordance with The Regulated Health Professions Act, section 13(5), and College By-Law II, the following is the report of the Returning Officer, Ms Jeannie Skawronyk, Public Representative, CRNM Council.

For Elected Position of Council Member

Total Number of Distributed Ballots:  13,036

Total Number of Ballots Returned:   954 (7.3%)

Number of Votes Cast (each ballot allowed the voter to cast up to two votes): 1,573


Name Number of Votes (%)
Janet Busse 48 (3%)
Noah Gatzke 428 (27%) - Elected
Michelle Johnson 369 (23%) - Elected
Dustin Loewen 205 (13%)
Stephanie Nunes 309 (20%)
Martha Ross 214 (14%)