Policies and Legislation

In Manitoba, registered nursing has been a self-regulating profession since 1913. Self-regulation means the government, on behalf of the public, grants a professional group the privilege and responsibility to regulate themselves.

There are several different designations of RNs in Manitoba, but throughout our website we refer to all types of registered nurses as RNs. Find more information here.


Self-regulation acknowledges that a profession itself is in the best position to regulate its members because their specialized body of knowledge makes external regulation difficult and impractical.

RNs understand registered nursing better than anyone else so it simply makes good sense for the public to have professionals regulate themselves, as long as they do so in the public interest. When there is a conflict between public interest and professional self-interest, regulatory bodies such as the College are required to act in the public interest. If Manitobans became unhappy with the way professions regulated themselves, they could, through the elected members of the legislature, take away the privilege of self-regulation.

RNs are accountable to Manitobans by adhering to a code of ethics, by meeting standards of practice and involving the public in self-regulation. Meaningful and effective public participation in our decision-making processes is necessary to ensure that the profession remains accountable to society at large. Public representatives sit on the College’s Board of Directors and on all legislated committees. The participation of individual RNs, government, employers, educators, other professional groups and the public is essential for responsible self-regulation.

The Registered Nurses Act

The Registered Nurses Act and Regulations is the legislation that sets out the College’s legal authority to regulate RNs. Under this legislation, we set standards for the education, registration and practice of RNs and govern our affairs to serve and protect the public. The Act and Regulations are published in the Continuing Consolidation Statutes of Manitoba (CCSM). 

Note: We will move from our current Act and Regulations to governance under the RHPA on May 31, 2018.

Revised Bylaws