College Policies

Our policies provide direction and guidance to Board members and staff. They provide a logical and consistent basis for our work and are divided into three categories: Board of Director Policies, Complaints Policies and Registration Policies.

Board of Directors

BE-1 Global Board-Executive Relationship
BE-2 Monitoring Executive Performance
EE-1 General Executive Constraint
EE-2 Human Resources
EE-3 Financial Planning/Execution/Condition
EE-5 Asset Protection
EE-5.1 Investment Policy
EE-5.2 Vendor Relations and Procurement Management​
EE-6 Interactions with Members and the Public
EE-8 Communication and Support to the Board
EE-9 Emergency Executive Succession
EE-10 Public Image
EE-14 Use and Protection of Member Information
GP-1 Board Commitment and Governing Approach
GP-2 Role of the Board and President
GP-3 Conduct at Board Meetings
GP-4 Board Committee Principles
GP-4.2 Investigation Committee (Statutory Committee)
GP-4.3 Appointments Committee (Statutory Committee)
GP-4.5 Discipline Committee (Statutory Committee)
GP-4.6 Finance Committee
GP-4.7 Governance Committee
GP-4.8 Committee on Executive Director Performance
GP-5 Board and Committee Expenses
GP-6 Board Planning Process
GP-7 Conflict of Interest
GP-8 Linkage with Members


C-5 Costs in Circumstances Other Than a Discipline Hearing
C-6 Publication
C-7 Appeals to the Board
C-12 Investigation Committee Access to Any Member's Prior Discipline History
C-13 Costs
C-14 Trivial, Vexatious or Obviously Unsustainable Complaints
C-15 Appeal by Member Pursuant to Section 29
C-16 Procedure for Interim Suspension Under Section 28(1)
C-17 Collaborative Complaints Resolution
C-18 Reinstatement Following Cancellation


R-1 Clinical Practice Hour Requirement for Nursing Education Programs
R-2 Education Requirements
R-4 Examination
R-5.1 Criminal Record and Criminal Proceedings Disclosure by Applicants
R-5.2 Criminal Record and Criminal Proceedings Disclosure by Members
R-6 Language Proficiency
R-7 Application for Registration Applicants Unable to Provide Official Documents
R-8 Nursing Practice Hours for Registration Renewal
R-9 Unauthorized Practice
R-10 Approved Temporary Practice
R-15 Liability Protection
R-16 Suffering from an Ailment
R-17 Registration Following Failure to Meet Continuing Competence Program Practice Hours Requirement
R-18 Discipline History
R-19 Continuing Competence
R-20 Practice Audit
R-21 Assessment of Prior Learning
R-22 Appeals from Registration Decisions Under Section 11 of the Registered Nurses Act
R-23 RN(EP) Declaration of Patient Population
R-24 Graduate Nurse Practitioner Registration
R-25 RN(NP) Prescribing Controlled Drugs and Substances
R-26 Registration without Examination
R-27 Jurisprudence Requirements to Establish or Re-establish Registration
R-28 IENs Who Have Successfully Completed the RN Entry Examination Requirement