Policy Monitoring Reports

In a policy-driven governance approach, such as the one used by the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba (the College), the Council performs strategic work and develops policies which guide the direction of Council itself and the CEO/Registrar. 

Most of the core functions of the College are carried out by the CEO/Registrar and staff, and are guided by Executive Expectations (EE) policies developed by Council. These policies outline the risk boundaries within which the CEO/Registrar must operate. Council’s task is to monitor the CEO/Registrar’s compliance with the policies each year. 

EE-12 Regulatory Processes

EE-12 Regulatory Processes is the policy through which Council delegates the responsibilities associated with the core functions of the College to the CEO/Registrar. Each year, one of the three core functions (registration, quality practice and professional conduct) is monitored by Council. 

Quality Assurance and Continuing Competence Review (2019)

In 2019, the College’s Quality Practice department prepared its compliance report for Council. Part of that involved an external review of the College’s continuing competency program. That report can be viewed by clicking on the button below. A follow-up plan to address the recommendations in the report has been drafted, and will be posted in the near future.