Registered Nurse (Nurse Practitioner)

What is an RN(NP)?

An RN(NP) is a registered nurse who has completed advanced education to autonomously provide a broader range of health care than an RN. The designation RN(EP) or RN(NP) refers to a registered nurse who is on the College’s extended practice register.

In Manitoba we use the terms RN(EP), RN(NP) and nurse practitioner to mean the same thing.

These designations show that they have completed advanced education (or demonstrated substantially equivalent education and experience) and passed an approved exam. Only an RN registered on the extended practice register can use the titles:

  • registered nurse (extended practice) or RN(EP)
  • nurse practitioner or RN(NP)
  • any derivative of the above

What can an RN(NP) do that an RN can’t do?

In addition to the health-care services an RN provides, an RN(NP) can independently:

  • prescribe drugs
  • order and manage the results of screening and diagnostic tests
  • perform minor surgical and invasive procedures

RN(NP)s consult and collaborate with other health-care professionals when needed to ensure the overall health-care needs of clients are met. Find more information about standards and competencies for RN(NP)s here.

How can I tell if a nurse is an RN or an RN(NP)?

You can use Nurse Check to verify the registration status and register of an RN. This online verification system is updated in real time.