Staff Directory

Executive Office

Katherine Stansfield RN
CEO/Registrar 204-784-5188
Birgit Dotzlaw
Executive Assistant 204-784-5183

Regulatory Practices

Suzanne Wowchuk RN
Chief of Regulatory Practices 204-789-0667
Kayla Currie
Coordinator, Regulatory Practices 204-789-0664

Registration Services

Tammy Murdoch RN
Manager of Registration Services 204-784-6460
Liisa Stewart
Registration Coordinator and Technical Analyst 204-774-3477 ext 300
Tanis Hill
Registration Coordinator 204-774-3477 ext 300
Miranda Noel RN
Registration Advisor 204-789-0661
Manjit Parwana
Administrative Assistant, Registration Services & Reception 204-774-3477
Pam Plouffe
Administrative Coordinator 204-784-6463

Professional Conduct

Tracey Legary RN
Manager of Professional Conduct 204-784-5184
Samantha Cyr
Case Manager 204-789-2266
Heather Kolowca RN
Case Manager 204-789-2269
Samantha Psoch
Case Manager 204-784-5185
Michael Sokolyk RN
Case Manager 204-784-6462
Jason Trottier RN
Case Manager 204-789-2260
Melva Nordquist
Coordinator 204-789-0665

Quality Practice

Deb Elias RN
Chief of Quality Practice 204-784-5182
Marie Allan
Quality Practice Project Manager 204-789-0668
Diane Genyk RN
Quality Practice Consultant 204-789-2264
Diana Heywood RN
Quality Practice Consultant 204-784-6467
Allison Leveque RN
Quality Practice Consultant 204-784-6465
Carol Puchailo RN(NP)
Nursing Practice Specialist 204-784-6464
Belinda Herner RN
Quality Practice Advisor
Benga Fakanye
Data Strategist 204-789-0660
Alma Dela Cruz
Coordinator 204-784-5189
Peggy Aitchison
Administrative Assistant, Quality Practice 204-789-2267

Corporate Services

Diana Waterman
Chief Financial Officer 204-784-5187
Bryan Buss
Controller 204-784-6461
Lizette Navida
Accountant 204-789-0669
Susan Irwin
Manager of Human Resources 204-784-6466
Rasheed Olaniyi
Senior Project Manager 204-784-5180
Marilyn Bullied
Operations Specialist 204-789-2268

Policy and Public Initiatives

Lori Darragh
Policy and Public Initiatives 204-784-6469
Sandra Gilbert
Administrative Assistant 204-789-2263


Martin Lussier
Manager of Communications 204-789-0662
Gus Gottfred
Communications Specialist 204-789-2262
Rebecca Grima
Communications Specialist 204-789-0663