Did you miss the renewal deadline? Apply for reinstatement.

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In Manitoba, everyone who works as a registered nurse or nurse practitioner must be registered with the College.

How do you apply for registration?

Applying for registration in the registered nursing profession in Manitoba means demonstrating that you can meet the registration requirements for registered nurses or nurse practitioners.

We have developed a comprehensive application package for each application stream to help guide you through the process, but each type of application assesses a combination of:

  • Knowledge, skills and abilities in the nursing field,
  • Comparability of nursing education and training,
  • Language proficiency, and
  • Overall fitness to practice.

Which application process is right for you?

Students and Graduate Nurses

You are currently a student nearing completion of an entry-level nursing education program in Canada, or you have already completed your program. Also for internationally educated applicants eligible to write the NCLEX-RN.

Internationally Educated Nurses

You were educated as an RN outside Canada and are currently or have ever been registered as an RN with the regulatory body in the country where you completed your entry-level RN education.

Canadian RNs

You are or have been registered as an RN in another Canadian jurisdiction. This is also for you if you passed the entry-level nursing exam in another Canadian jurisdiction and did not obtain initial RN registration.

Nurse Practitioners

You are currently registered as an RN in Manitoba and are applying for registration as an RN(NP). If you have applied to write the licensing exam and are awaiting results, refer to the Graduate Nurse Practitioner page.

Authorized Prescribers

You can apply for RN(AP) registration if are currently registered as an RN in Manitoba and have successfully completed an approved Nurse Prescriber course.


You previously held a certificate of practice with the College and are now applying to reinstate your certificate of practice.

Additional registration information

Temporary Practice

If you are an RN or RN(NP) in another Canadian jurisdiction and applying for registration in a temporary practice membership class for a four-month period. This membership is renewable, upon application, for one additional four-month period.

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The NCLEX-RN is the approved exam for the purpose of establishing initial RN registration in Manitoba. Applicants who have successfully written the exam since 1982 are eligible for registration provided they have met all other requirements.

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Background Checks for Registration

Background checks are required as part of The Regulated Health Professions Act (the RHPA) and the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba General Regulation. If you are applying for initial registration or reinstatement, you must submit a background check.

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Approved Language Tests

The Canadian English Language Benchmark Assessment for Nurses (CELBAN) and Interational English Language Testing System (IELTS) Academic tests are the approved tests for demonstrating English language proficiency. Learn more about our requirements.

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