Canadian RNs

Application package download: Canadian RN (effective April 2021)

This application package is for you if:

  1. You are or have ever been registered as an RN in another Canadian jurisdiction.
  2. You passed the entry-level nursing exam in another Canadian jurisdiction and did not obtain initial RN registration. (If you completed your basic nursing education program on or after May 31, 2018 you must have obtained initial registration in your home jurisdiction in order to be eligible for registration in Manitoba.)


All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable..

Item Application fee Certificate of practice Certificate of registration Capital reserve Legal and sustainability fund GST Fee total When?
Application processing fee $205         $10.25 $215.25 Due with application
Quarter 1 fee (Jan. 1 - March 31)   $470.47 $50.00 $21.00 $0.00 $27.07 $568.54 Due upon approval of application
Quarter 2 fee (April 1 - June 30)   $352.85 $50.00 $15.75 $0.00 $20.93 $439.53 Due upon approval of application
Quarter 3 fee (July 1 - Sept. 30)   $235.24 $50.00 $10.50 $0.00 $14.79 $310.53 Due upon approval of application
Quarter 4 fee (Oct. 1 - Dec. 31)   $117.62 $50.00 $5.25 $0.00 $8.64 $181.51 Due upon approval of application

Payment Options

Currently, fees can be paid via e-transfer, credit card over the phone, or certified cheque or money order sent via Canada Post.

Work will not begin on your application until payment has been received.

Please do not include a credit card number on your application. Once your application has been received, the College will contact you to arrange for payment.

E-transfer *Please see instructions below
Certified cheque or money order By mail
Visa or Mastercard By phone
Visa Debit Online (registration renewal only)

*To pay by e-transfer:

  1. Ensure your completed application form has been submitted to the College.
  2. Create and send the e-transfer to:
  3. If the bank account used to make the e-transfer is listed under a name different from the name on your application, please send a second email to associating the name on your application to the name of the bank account used for the e-transfer. E-transfers which are not followed up with the required identification information will be rejected.

More Information

Registration Services
Phone: 204-774-3477 ext. 300
Toll free (Manitoba only): 1-800-665-2027 ext. 300
Fax: 204-775-7117