Testing centres in Manitoba continue to have availability for NCLEX-RN writings, however testing centre capacity has been impacted by current public health orders. For more information, log in to your Pearson VUE account to check availability.

Applicants for NCLEX exam eligibility and registration are encouraged to continue to submit their applications to the College and work towards completing all other application requirements.


NCLEX-RN is the approved exam for the purpose of establishing initial RN registration in Manitoba. Applicants who have successfully written the exam since 1982 are eligible for registration provided they have met all other requirements. 

Special Research Section

Beginning in July 2017, NCLEX-RN writers may see a special research section after they have completed the exam. The start of this optional section is clearly noted after the regular exam ends and is not scored, meaning it will not count as part of your NCLEX-RN score. For more information, check out NCSBN's frequently asked questions.

Number of Writes

Canadian-educated applicants have as many attempts as are possible within the three years immediately following the completion date of their nursing education programs.

Internationally educated nurses have as many attempts as are possible within the three years immediately following the completion date of either their clinical competence assessment (if bridging is not required) OR the bridging program, whichever was completed most recently.

Writing the NCLEX-RN

Applicants may only write NCLEX-RN once every 45 days. This is a Pearson VUE rule to prevent writers from seeing the same question more than once. We encourage all applicants to prepare to write the exam by using free resources available at and remind applicants that we do not endorse any third party study guides or materials.

Exam writings take place at Pearson VUE Testing Centres. You must register with Pearson VUE at the same time as applying for exam eligibility with the College.

How to register:

You can register and write the exam in English or French.

The fee to write the exam is $360 CAD. You will receive your results directly from the College.

Testing accommodations are available by submitting these forms and must be accompanied with the NCLEX-RN Eligibility application form: Examination Testing Accommodations Candidate Application Form

To help develop the NCLEX-RN please see our volunteer opportunities page. 

Preparing for the Exam

Applicants may wish to make use of the preparatory resources NCSBN has made available for NCLEX writers in both English and French:

English resources:

Ressources en français :

Information for Applicants who fail the NCLEX-RN

There is no requirement to complete a course of instruction after a second NCLEX-RN failure. If you are currently enrolled in the course because of a second NCLEX-RN failure, you are not required to complete it.

If you failed the NCLEX-RN, read this document for some helpful tips to prepare for your next writing. 

Next steps for applicants who have failed NCLEX-RN more than once:

  1. You do not need to contact the College to confirm this information. Simply submit a new application.
  2. Our registration services team will process your application, usually within five business days.
  3. You will receive an email from us with further instruction. You will either need to complete additional requirements or be approved to write the exam.
  4. Once you are approved to write the exam, you will receive an authorization to test email from Pearson VUE and you can schedule your exam.

Graduate Nurse (GN) Registration

These changes do not change the eligibility for GN registration. GNs who do not pass the exam by their second write are not eligible to hold a certificate of practice in the GN membership class (names will be removed) and are not permitted to engage in GN practice.

NCLEX-RN Results

Click here to see the 2019 Canadian NCLEX-RN results

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