Temporary Practice, Pandemic Service Provision

Expedited temporary registration process to enable enhanced service provision during COVID-19 pandemic

The College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba (the College) has worked with colleagues in government and has received a ministerial order allowing the College to expedite registration of those who meet registration requirements.

Not currently accepting applications

Effective July 10, 2020, we are not accepting any new applications for RN Temporary Practice (Pandemic Service Provision). In the event that this changes, this page will be updated accordingly.


The College is waiving the application and registration fees for this process, and the Government of Manitoba is covering the cost of professional liability protection.

Workforce deployment

Once approved for registration, registrants are asked to self-identify to Shared Health Manitoba for deployment. Please review this memo and form from Shared Health.


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  1. Who can apply?

    The College is currently taking applications for temporary registration from individuals who have held registration in Manitoba or who are currently registered as a registered nurse in good standing in another Canadian jurisdiction.

  2. What are the registration requirements for this application?

    Applicants will need to meet the requirements laid out in the application form, including demonstrating currency of practice. Please review the application package to determine whether you meet all of the requirements.

  3. What fees are required?

    The application and registration fees will be waived for this application process.
    The fees for professional liability protection through the Canadian Nurses Protective Society (CNPS) will be covered by the Province of Manitoba.

  4. How long is a temporary certificate of practice valid for?

    A certificate of practice issued via this process will be valid for a period of four months, and will also be eligible for extension as required/appropriate.

  5. Can I contact the College if I have questions about my application?

    Please understand that our team is working well above normal service levels and is working to process applications in the timeliest manner possible. Unfortunately, this also means that our ability to respond to most individual phone calls or emails about the application process is greatly limited. All interested individuals are encouraged to read and review the application package thoroughly.

  6. Where and how do I send my completed application package?

    Completed application packages can be scanned, or photos taken at a suitable resolution to ensure legibility (for example, with a smartphone camera), and sent to registration@crnm.mb.ca.