Decisions listed below are as at March 24, 2016.

Why does the College publish this information?

  1. To comply with the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA)
  2. To demonstrate the open and transparent nature of the College’s professional conduct review process.
  3. To educate our members on the types of actions, behaviours, conduct and activities that result in discipline findings or censures. We believe this information can help RNs avoid similar situations.

The authority to have a Discipline Committee and an Investigation Committee monitor, impose conditions, remediate, censure, cancel, suspend or accept the voluntary surrender of a member is granted under the Registered Nurses Act.

You can also find summaries of decisions in our annual reports.

Discipline Decisions

Discipline decisions are findings of the College’s Discipline Committee. They inform members and the public of the outcome of discipline hearings.







Most complaints received by the College are managed and resolved by the Investigation Committee.

Notice of Censure

Censures and reprimands are formal, written expressions of strong disapproval or rebuke. They are issued by the College’s Investigation Committee and Discipline Committee. Censure and reprimand are often words used interchangeably when referring to this type of formal written sanction. 







Following a hearing by the College’s Discipline Committee, the panel may decide that a member’s conduct and/or practice exposed the public to serious risk. As a result, they may order that the member’s registration be cancelled.

The following individuals have had their registration cancelled:

  • Gail Patricia Snider, CRNM #114402
  • Cosmedine A. Rosario, CRNM #117465
  • Frances Mary Chinchilla, CRNM #122107
  • Shannon Leah Anderson, CRNM #131894
  • Colleen Carmelita Penner, CRNM #135901
  • John E. Bilyk, CRNM #137017
  • Angeline Tom, CRNM #138208
  • Annabelle Santiago, CRNM #138644
  • Susan Wall, CRNM #136011


The Investigation Committee and Discipline Committee may order that a member’s registration be suspended. They can do this when there is a question that a member’s conduct and/or practice exposes, or is likely to expose, the public to serious risk.

Notice of Suspension under s 28(1) of the Registered Nurses Act

  • Lisa Sears, CRNM #132927
  • Sasheen Guest, CRNM #146989
  • Charlotte Friesen, CRNM #133520
  • Bruce Roderick MacLeod, CRNM #138587
  • Archange Mbangu, CRNM #141859
  • Teresa Joyce Steliga, CRNM #129227

Notice of Suspension under s 43(1) of the Registered Nurses Act

  • Deborah Perrin, CRNM #130132

Notice of Suspension under s 27(3) of the Registered Nurses Act

  • Dawn Clark, CRNM #132440

Voluntary Surrenders

The Investigation Committee may accept a voluntary surrender of a member’s registration. The Committee may also direct the publication of a voluntary surrender of a member’s registration which may include the member’s name and/or registration number.





More Information

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