Make a Complaint

If you are concerned about the practice or conduct of a registered nurse, we encourage you to begin by talking about the problem directly with the RN or with his/her supervisor. This often resolves the issue and allows you to get the information you need. Many complaints are often the result of poor communication or misunderstandings.

While RNs aim to provide safe, competent care, sometimes an issue arises and a complaint becomes necessary. These are the steps you should follow to make a complaint:

  1. Download the professional conduct report form
  2. Fill out the professional conduct report form. The form should include:
    • The name of the registered nurse
    • The date the incident occurred
    • As much detail as you can remember about the incident
    • Any documentation that would support your complaint (ex: medical records, emails, etc.)
  3. Save a copy of the form to your computer
  4. Print and sign the form
  5. Submit the form to the College’s Executive Director:
    Executive Director
    College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba
    890 Pembina Highway
    Winnipeg MB R3M 2M8

What happens after I make a complaint?

The Executive Director will review your complaint, as well as the response from the RN(s) named in the complaint. The Executive Director can refer the matter to the Investigation Committee.

For more information

Tracey Legary RN BN, Manager of Professional Conduct
Telephone: 204-784-5184
Toll-free: 1-800-665-2027 (Manitoba only)
Fax: 204-775-6052