Three Pillars of Registered Nursing

In Manitoba, we recognize the importance of a "three-pillared" approach to registered nursing: a regulator, association and union. There is value in all organizations as each has a unique mission and perspective.

The College is a self-regulating body, meaning the government has granted RNs the privilige and responsibility to regulate themselves. Canada is one of only a few countries to allow professions this privilege. This means our primary focus is on protecting the public, which we do together with RNs.

In contrast, associations and unions operate in the interest of their membership.

There will be times when the mandate of each group will necessitate a difference of opinion, or no opinion at all. There will also be times when the three groups find common ground, but each may approach the issue from a slightly different angle.

  • Published on: Saturday, December 2, 2017
  • Tagged as: regulation

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