The first of its kind:

On Dec. 14 we were thrilled to host the first meeting of our new community reference group. There are six members, from a variety of backgrounds and their goal is to provide us with meaningful linkage with the public.

Of course, six people can’t represent the entire population of Manitoba, but our hope is that they will serve as a type of ongoing focus group for issues or projects we are working on. They will provide us with their thoughts and recommendations on a variety of issues related to regulation, for example, the clarity of information on our website.

Our mandate is to govern the profession of nursing in the public interest and this is one way we are committed to gathering input.

Group member Gary Hamilton expressed: “I am excited to be part of this innovative group to assist the College manage the challenges and opportunities of the future. My main takeaways from the orientation was the fact that the College staff and Board are totally engaged, very professional with a thorough knowledge of what has to be done to protect the public in terms of regulation and education of its members.”

Marie Edwards is our board president and she was excited to have the group together for the first time. “I can already tell that we’ll get valuable input from them and use the information to guide our work.”

Their first meeting was largely educational – they heard from our executive director, board president and other staff members about how the college functions, what our goals are and exciting projects we’re working on.

We can’t wait to share more about the valuable work this group will accomplish.

  • Published on: Tuesday, February 6, 2018
  • Tagged as: regulation

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