More than a module

Kathy Kyryluk RN and her team at CancerCare Manitoba know how to take their learning to the next level. Last spring, they decided to use our Documentation and Record Keeping module as a launch pad to better their documentation practices. A whole month focused on documentation and a jurisprudence challenge finale, the team can see just how much their documentation has improved.

Why did you decide to host a “documentation month”?

The electronic world has changed things; our world looks different. We knew we needed to establish a standard way of charting here so we asked: how can we bring documentation back to the forefront and reinforce the basics of it? We decided to dedicate a whole month to documentation.

How did you come up with the idea?

We wanted to make documentation clear. Everyone believes they’re documenting correctly, but now communication like email and texting have changed the documentation landscape. One of our team members threw out the idea of hosting a documentation month and the timing was perfect.

How did you structure the month?

We organized a series of learning activities over four weeks. Each week had its own theme and we used the College’s guiding principles of documentation to help us structure the week. We focused on RN documentation, improving communication between health-care providers, legal responsibilities and quality improvement. We also provided a documentation “tip of the day”, created word searches and bingo cards with keywords related to documentation, and even a scavenger hunt to learn how to navigate our electronic patient record.

Who participated?

Everyone on our team was encouraged to participate including RNs and RN(NP)s.

How did the jurisprudence challenge work?

We created our jurisprudence challenge soon after the College released the module. Staff members were divided into teams under a unit manager. The challenge was simple – the team with the most nurses to complete the module by the end of the month would win a pizza lunch. Not only would we finish the module early, we were also reinforcing learning.

Have you noticed any positive outcomes after doing this?

Our team is more aware of documentation principles. We’re more conscious of what we record and we’re asking more questions about how and what we should be documenting. Our goal is always to provide the best patient care and you need to have clear, concise documentation in order to do that.

Do you have any tips for other RNs who may want to host their own learning month?

Start planning early, involve front line staff in your planning, decide what your goals are, keep it simple and seek feedback so you can do better next time. I’m happy to answer any questions about hosting your own learning month – just send me an email at

Our newest module, Reserved Acts in Practice, is now available and Kathy and her team are already using it to plan their next learning month. Your team should try it too! Log in and complete the module today.

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