Renewal Highlights

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We were here for you

Each year, RNs and RN(NP)s have to renew their certificate of practice for the coming year. Our renewal period opens Oct. 1 and closes Dec. 1.

Here are some highlights from this year’s renewal.

We heard from nearly 3,000 RNs during the renewal period and offered support:

  • By email
  • Online through live chat
  • Over the phone
  • In person
  • On social media

86 per cent of the questions we received were answered at the first point of contact.

Renewal by the numbers

  • 12,816 RNs and RN(NP)s renewed by the 6 p.m. deadline on Dec. 1
  • 365 selected “not renewing” 

What we’ve learned

Renewal is complex and we always look at our lessons learned and ways we can improve the process. Here are some things we do to help RNs renew easily and on time:

  • We give RNs a heads up when renewal season is approaching. We communicate with them regularly through their monthly newsletter and also mail out a postcard with information.
  • Some RNs are required to provide background checks. This process can take some time, so we make sure to notify RNs as early as spring and send them reminders too.
  • Renewal fees increased for the first time in six years. We made sure to share this news with RNs as soon as we knew this so that they could prepare for this change.
  • We’re always happy to hear feedback from RNs on how we could do better. In some cases, our CEO/Registrar will even meet with RNs individually to talk about their experience with renewal.

What RNs had to say

After learning why our fees increased, an RN replied saying:

“This is very helpful. Thank you for taking the time. I’m sure the College gets a lot of questions around this time of year about fees. It’s something that I know as a professional body is absolutely necessary. The hard work and dedication the College puts forward to support their own is great, and as a member it is nice to see where the money is being used."

After completing our Reserved Acts in Practice jurisprudence learning module, an RN let us know:

“Twice today, a co-worker and I discussed how the reserved acts pertained to two of our processes or 'usual practice tools' at work. So they were good opportunities for us to put the module into action!"

After indicating they are retiring after 2018, an RN said:

“Following much thought and with some sadness I have decided to not renew for 2019. Thank you for the reminder and the many years of support during my career. I have experienced many wonderful changes during the last 44 years and see the very positive direction CRNM is taking for present and future nurses. Continue the good work - my support and encouragement for Manitoba nurses will never end.”

That’s a wrap on another renewal season! If you have any more questions on how it works, feel free to reach out to us at

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