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Registered Nurses & Nurse Practitioners

The College works together with RNs, RN(NP)s and RN(AP)s in Manitoba to protect and serve the public interest.

Working together for public benefit

Registered nurses like you fulfil important and complex roles in Manitoba’s health care system as the largest regulated health profession in the province.

The College sets expectations, and provides programs and resources to support you in quality registered nursing practice in areas as varied as direct patient care, administration, education, research, and policy development. Read more about annual trends in our regulatory work in our Annual Report:

2022 Annual Report

Our programs and resources for registered nurses

Registration Services

Whether you are seeking to apply for registration in Manitoba, renew your certificate of practice, or verify your registration status and history, our registration services department is here to help. You can also log in to your CRNM profile to update your contact information and more.

Practice Support

The College’s quality practice team develops practice directions, curates resource documents and develops practice scenarios, offers practice consultations, and provides regular updates and guidance on registered nursing practice. Learn more by clicking on the links below.

Continuing Competence

The College supports continuing competence in the registered nursing profession. Two major ways we do that are through the continuing competency program (CCP) and jurisprudence learning module, which are designed to help maintain high standards of knowledge, skill, and ethical practice.

Additional resources

Practice Directions

Practice directions, including the Practice Expectations, are statements that enhance, explain, add or guide RNs regarding matters described in the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba General Regulation or any other aspect of registered nursing practice. You must be able to apply these expectations in your own registered nursing practice.

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Code of Ethics

As a registered nurse, you are expected to recognize, promote and uphold the ethical standards of the nursing profession, including practising in accordance with the values outlined in the Code of Ethics. 

The Code helps provide guidance for ethical relationships, behaviours and decision making in your practice.

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RN(NP) Info & Updates

Stay up to date on issues affecting RN(NP) practice, including updates from partners in the health system and other resources from the College.

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RN(AP) Resources

The RN(Authorized Prescriber) role was introduced when the registered nursing profession came under The Regulated Health Professions Act in 2018. Learn more about the role and access targeted resources describing and supporting nurse prescriber practice.

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Further reading

Here is some further reading and resources that may assist you in your registered nursing practice.

Scope of Practice

Scope of practice refers to the range of activities that RNs, RN(NP)s and RN(AP)s are both educated and authorized to perform.

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Practice Expectation Spotlights

Every month, our quality practice team shares a practice scenario highlighting different issues or questions that may arise in registered nursing practice.

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Education & Competencies

We set standards for nursing education programs in Manitoba, and the entry-level competencies required to practice safely, competently, and ethically.

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