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What is a CBI?

A competency-based interview is a practice tool that assesses your knowledge, skill and judgment to help you identify areas of strengths and areas of practice improvement.

What will I be asked to do?

In the interview, you will be asked to describe a recent situation or client case and discuss your actions and the results/client outcomes. You may also be asked to complete a client record review.

Please review the CBI guide for RNs and RN (NP)s for further CBI information.


In order to engage in the competency-based interview, you must be working. If you are referred and are not currently working, you will need to complete the deferral form. Once you return to work, you must notify the College immediately.

For questions about the competency-based interview, please refer to the FAQs below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my participation in the interview confidential?

Yes. Only the designated College staff, committee members and practice auditor have access to your interview details and reports. This information is not shared with the public, other RNs or your employer(s).

How do I begin the process?

You will receive a notification email letting you know you’ve been referred for a competency-based interview. Details of what you’ll need to do next are outlined in the Competency-Based Interview Guide.

How do I request accommodation for my special need?

An RN/RN(NP) who has a disability (defined according to the Human Rights Code) and requires special accommodation to complete the interview may request that the College make those provisions. The College will work with you to accommodate your needs. Requests for accommodation should be made within seven days of receiving the notification of your interview.