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Supporting RN Practice

Whether you are an RN, RN(NP), or RN(AP), the College provides a range of supports to help you navigate different aspects of your practice and to help assure quality registered nursing practice in Manitoba.

RN(NP) Updates

Stay up to date on specific updates related to your practice. In addition to the RN(NP) News, this page provides an evolving list of resources and updates from the College and from partners in the health system.

Self-employed Practice

If you own a business that provides registered nursing services, or if you work as an independent contractor, you are likely considered self-employed by the College. We’ve curated a list of resources and information to help support self-employed practice.

Continuing Competence Program

Every RN, RN(NP) and RN(AP) takes part in CCP, promoting high standards of knowledge, skill and ethical practice. The program is an opportunity for you to reflect on your nursing practice and lead your own learning.