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Safe Prescribing Project

The College is excited to announce the Safe Prescribing Project. The goal of the project is to support RN(AP) and RN(NP) in identifying risks in providing safe and competent prescribing and providing practice support to guide safe prescribing.  The Quality Practice team set its 2023 strategic goal to identify, analyze, and address risks to quality nursing practice that can be addressed through regulatory activity.  This includes measuring regulatory processes to proactively mitigate risks in the areas of safe prescribing practices.  This goal fits the mandate set out by The Regulated Health Professions Act’s (RHPA) clause 10(2).  Item c states the College is mandated to develop, establish, and maintain standards of practice to enhance the quality of practice by members and monitor compliance with and enforce those standards. 

The College has worked collaboratively with practising RN(NP)s to develop the Safe Opioid Prescribing risk-based assessment. An important component of the Safe Prescribing Project is screening and assessment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the College doing this initiative?

The College is tasked to create strategies to address the opioid crisis by developing resources and practice supports to guide RN(NP)s in their practice and to advocate for practice setting changes. While this project is optional, it provides RN(NP)s with a strong learning opportunity to ensure continued positive patient outcomes.   

We know that RN(NP)s are an integral part of the Manitoba health system. We must ensure that protection of the public and positive health outcomes is at the forefront of each interaction you have with a patient. 

We are doing this is by engaging RN(NP)s in a unique process to create a guided self-reflection (GSR) tool from clinical practice experiences and professional attributes. 

Is the program optional?

Your participation in this project is optional. Although we highly recommend participating as you will help shape resources to better the practice of RN(NP)s in Manitoba. The College values your knowledge and experience. We know we don’t have all the answers and we hope our collaboration helps create a stronger result.  

Are there any benefits to my participation?

Benefits will always be unique to your situation. Here are some potential benefits: 

  • You may gain invaluable insight into your learning needs and resources which can have a real impact to improve the quality of your practice and work life. 
  • Your participation in the safe prescribing initiative can inform your annual continuing competence learning plan. 
  • This guided self-reflection tool will validate the quality of RN(NP) prescribing and identify practice resources to enhance safer prescribing. 
  • Your feedback will inform the safe prescribing screening and assessment tools and processes. RN(NP)’s opinion of the new safe prescribing initiative will be heard! 

This collaboration between RN(NP)s and the College will provide evidence where RN(NP)s are highly attuned to regulation and apply solid prescribing practices. 


The title RN(NP) is protected under The Regulated Health Professions Act. Its use is restricted to RNs who have met and maintain the requirements for registration on the extended practice register. Click here to view the webinar.

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