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Every year, more than 13,000 RNs, RN(NP)s, RN(AP)s, and RN(GNP)s complete the registration renewal process.

Below is a curated list of FAQs to help you successfully complete your renewal application.

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General Questions

When is renewal?

Renewal opens in October 2023 and closes on Dec. 1. Your complete application must be received by 4:30 p.m. on Dec. 1, 2023.

Why do I have to renew my certificate of practice?

A valid certificate of practice is a legal requirement to practise as an RN or RN(NP) in Manitoba. If you do not renew your certificate of practice for 2024 and continue to practise in 2024, you may be subject to unauthorized practice penalties.

What do I have to submit to renew my certificate of practice?

A complete application includes:

  • an online renewal application
  • applicable fees, including any outstanding money owed to the College
  • completion of your annual continuing competency program (CCP) requirements, including the Health Equity and Cultural Humility jurisprudence learning module
  • professional liability protection
  • completion of CCP review requirements (if applicable)
  • background checks (if applicable)
  • verified practice hours (not applicable for 2024 renewal)

How can I renew online if I don’t have a computer or internet access?

If you do not have internet access at home or work, we encourage you to discuss with your employer accessing a computer at work or perhaps utilizing a friend or family member’s computer. Also, the renewal application can be completed on a smartphone.

I don’t know my registration number. Where can I find it?

You can search for your name in Nurse Check to find your registration number.

I forgot my password. What do I do now?

Click the “forgot my password” link on the CRNM Profile login page and enter your registration number. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password (this will be sent to the email address we have on file for you). If you don’t have access to the email account that we have on file for you or if you can’t remember the email address you gave us, contact us and we’ll update it for you.

I started to fill out my renewal application and had to stop partway through. What do I do now?

Log back in to your CRNM Profile. The information you entered to that point will be saved and you will be able to continue from that point. Your information is retained this way until you complete your renewal application and your payment information has been confirmed.

How can employers support RNs with renewing online?

We are asking employers make computers with Internet access available and allow RNs a time to renew online at work.

How do I know what I need to complete for renewal?

Log in to your CRNM Profile and click on the renwal application to see the items you need to complete in order to renew.

My application doesn’t say I need to submit a background check. Should I submit one anyway?

No. You only need to submit background check information if you signed an Undertaking with the College to provide background checks by Dec. 1, 2023.

How can I confirm that my renewal application was approved?

You will receive an email from us when your application has been approved. You can also verify the approval by searching for your name on Nurse Check. You can also visit your renewal checklist at any time to see the status of your renewal application. Allow at least one week for your application to be processed before checking your status in Nurse Check. If your status hasn’t changed after one week, please contact us at renewal@crnm.mb.ca as your application may be pending and may require follow-up on your part.

What should I do if I’m not renewing?

If you do not plan to practise in 2024, please let us know. You can do this by logging into your online profile and indicating in the “Former member” form that you are not renewing for 2024. This will update our system and we won’t send you renewal reminders.

What does the College use my fee for?

Fees are paid to the College because we regulate the registered nursing profession in Manitoba. Registration as an RN gives you the privilege of belonging to a regulated health profession. This shows the public that you are an educated, qualified and competent professional. You also have the legal authority to call yourself a registered nurse.

What if I have to change my name during renewal?

You do not have to wait for your name change to go through before you renew your certificate of practice. The process to change your name during renewal is the same as any other time of year, but during renewal it is especially important that you also change your name with the organization from which you purchased your professional liability protection. Find more information here.

Professional Liability Protection

Why do I need to obtain professional liability protection this year?

Your College fee no longer includes professional liability protection through CNPS. However, professional liability protection through CNPS is still a requirement for registration.

How do I obtain professional liability protection?

You must obtain professional liability protection (CNPS professional liability protection and Core Services) before your renewal application is approved. There are two ways you can do this:

  • through membership in the Association of Regulated Nurses of Manitoba
    • Log into your ARNM account to purchase your membership for the upcoming year.
    • Click on the integrated link to obtain your CNPS professional liability protection
  • directly from CNPS
    • Visit the CNPS website and choose your province and nursing designation
    • Activate your MyCNPS account
    • Complete the process to obtain your CNPS professional liability protection

Is my the professional liability protection the same through both options?

Yes. The CNPS professional liability protection and core services remain the same, regardless of whether it is obtained through the Association or directly from CNPS.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the CNPS.

If I have obtained professional liability protection in another province or through my employer, do I still need to purchase it as part of my Manitoba renewal?

Yes. Different provinces have different registration periods, and you must hold CNPS PLP that corresponds to the CRNM registration period. Even if your employer provides a form of liability protection as part of your employment, you are still required, under The Regulated Health Professions Act, to register for professional liability protection through the CNPS.

Do I need to provide confirmation of my professional liability protection to the College?

No. When you have successfully obtained CNPS professional liability protection, that is automatically communicated to the College. You will be able to check that it has been properly recorded by clicking the synchronization button in the renewal application form.

Changes for 2024 renewal

You will now have access to a new CNPS user portal called MyCNPS where you can review your CNPS professional liability protection, eligibility period(s) and receipts. For ease of use, if you are an ARNM member, you will be able to access your MyCNPS portal directly from within the ARNM membership portal.

Renewal Deadline

Why does registration renewal close at 4:30 p.m. on Dec. 1?

A renewal deadline of Dec. 1 gives us time to contact you if there is an issue with your online renewal application. It also gives you time to fulfill any additional requirements that may be necessary. If you wait until the last minute to renew and there is an issue with your application, you may not be renewed for 2024 and will have to apply for reinstatement, which means you won’t be able to practise as an RN at the beginning of 2024.

This deadline also allows us to finalize the 2024 membership classes, to notify RNs of cancelled certificates of practice and ensure Manitoba employers are in a position to schedule staff for Jan. 1, 2024.

Can I apply for registration renewal on Dec. 1?

Yes, you can start your application on Dec. 1 but it will need to be completed by 4:30 p.m. A reminder that the Health Equity and Cultural Humility jurisprudence learning module (a renewal requirement) can take about an hour to complete.

What happens if I miss the Dec. 1 deadline?

If you miss the deadline and want to practise in 2024, you will have to apply for reinstatement. Click here for more information about reinstatement.

What is an unauthorized practice penalty and who does it apply to?

This penalty is imposed when an individual practises as an RN or RN(NP) without being properly registered. The penalty for RNs is $1500 + GST and $2000 + GST for RN(NP)s over and above the practicing fee for any calendar year, or part year.

Fees & Payment

What is my registration fee for 2024?

2024 Fee Table

Registered Nurse Fees

  • Registered Nurse: $525.39
  • Graduate Nurse: $175.00 (four-month term)
  • Registered Nurse Temporary Registrant: $175.00

Nurse Practitioner Fees

  • Registered Nurse (Nurse Practitioner): $806.76
  • Registered Nurse (Graduate Nurse Practitioner): $270.00 (four-month term)
  • Registered Nurse Temporary Registrant: $270.00 (four-month term)

How are registration fees set?

Effective registered nursing regulation is important to all Manitobans, and it requires financial sustainability. To achieve this, fees to renew a certificate of practice are increasing in 2024. The external environment in which the College operates has seen a significant number of changes which has added financial and regulatory challenges. Other regulators are facing similar inflationary pressures and organizational risks requiring significant fee increases.

Regulatory risks and data requirements

As health human resource demands continue to increase, so does external pressure on the College from our stakeholders. This increases demands on the College’s staff resources. Increasing risks in information technology (IT) security require larger investments to secure IT infrastructure as well as confidential data. At the same time, there is increased need for data analysis and reporting in our regulatory work which also require appropriate human resources and information technology supports.

Advancing reconciliation

The College must also strengthen the alignment of its work in service of the public interest with key imperatives in our communities. The College has committed to a journey of learning and reconciliation, together in partnership with Indigenous community members. In addition to significant initial investments to build key relationships and establish a plan of action, it is expected this commitment will require ongoing sustained funding.

Inflationary pressure

In 2022 Manitoba’s inflation rate for the cost of services was 8% and in 2021, it was 1.6%. Cumulatively, there has been a 9.6% increase in the cost of services over that time period. Legal costs, software licensing, contractor and consultant costs as well as wages have risen significantly over this period and are expected to continue to rise in 2023 and 2024.


In summary, the College requires increased investment in its activities and programs to mitigate regulatory risks at a time when costs are increasing throughout our economic environment.

Following review and discussion by the College Council, they approved an 8.0% fee increase for all registrant classes next year.

How can I pay my registration fee?

You have several payment options:

Online By mail
Visa, MasterCard X
Certified cheque, money order X

Remember, if you were enrolled in the pre-authorized debit (PAD) plan in 2023, you have pre-paid your 2024 registration fee and don’t need to send payment unless you owe additional fees.

Why doesn’t the College accept cash payments anymore?

Cash payments were discontinued for security purposes. This came into effect on July 4, 2017.

How does the pre-authorized debit (PAD) plan work?

If you were enrolled in the pre-authorized debit (PAD) plan in 2023, you have pre-paid your 2024 registration fee but still need to complete all other renewal requirements. You will remain enrolled in the PAD plan until you let us know that you would like to cancel your enrolment. You do not have to reapply each year.

Practice Hours

How do I calculate my practice hours?

Practising RNs and RN(NP)s are required to provide an estimate of how many hours you will work up to the end of 2023. New for 2024: Hours must be entered separately for each employer, so you will need to prepare separate estimates for each employer where you worked in 2023.

Click here to see how to calculate your practice hours.

How do I know if the work I am doing can be counted as registered nursing practice hours?

If you are trying to determine whether the work you are doing can be counted as registered nursing practice hours for the purpose of registration renewal, please refer to our resource document, Is my practice registered nursing practice? for further information.

How many hours do I have to work to be eligible for renewal?

The minimum requirement for RNs in Manitoba is 1,125 hours in the previous five years or 450 hours in the previous two years (unless you have successfully written the CRNE/NCLEX in the four years preceding the current renewal year).

The minimum requirement for RN(NP)s in Manitoba is 900 extended practice hours in the previous three years or 300 extended practice hours in the previous year. Nurse practitioner educators must have 100 clinical hours as part of their total practice hours per year.

Can on-call hours be considered practice hours?

No. You must be engaged in RN practice to claim practice hours.

When reporting practice hours, can I include the hours I worked as a graduate nurse?

No. These are not calculated for the purpose of renewal.

I am on a back-to-work program because of a long-term disability. Can I claim these hours as practice hours?

Yes. You can claim these hours if the work is considered to be RN practice, if you were on the RN register at the time and if you are able to have the hours verified in the event of a review.

What if my hours from the previous year are incorrect on my online renewal application?

You are welcome to make corrections on your online renewal application if they are needed. It is not unusual for your estimate from last year to be changed once you know how many hours you actually worked.

What happens if my self-reported and verified practice hours do not match on my CRNM Profile?

Self-reported practice hours are calculated as an estimate by you during renewal. If you are required to submit verified hours your employer will calculate your practice hours and send them directly to us. The hours submitted directly from your employer often do not match your self-reported hours because your self-reported hours are an estimate. When reviewing your hours, we will confirm that you have met the minimum practice hour requirement. We do not compare your verified practice hours to your self-reported hours.

Leaves of Absence & Disclosure

I am taking a leave in 2024. What are my options for renewal?

There are several options if you are taking a leave from work.  Click here to view your leave of absence renewal options.

I am off work due to a long-term disability or Workers Compensation claim. Should I indicate I have a physical ailment on the Disclosure portion of the online renewal application?

Not necessarily. This question is meant to identify if you have a physical ailment which may affect your ability to practise nursing in a safe and competent manner. An illness, injury or disability does not necessarily prevent you from practising safely or competently. If you are unsure about your specific situation, contact us and ask to speak with one of our quality practice consultants.

What do I need to complete as part of the CCP?

You must complete the Health Equity and Cultural Humility jurisprudence learning module and complete your CCP forms by the Dec. 1 deadline. Click here for more information about the CCP.

How do I confirm that I have completed the required jurisprudence learning module?

Your CRNM Profile is the best place to verify which modules are complete. If your 2023 module, Health Equity and Cultural Humility, is complete, you will be able to complete your renewal application after pressing the synchronization button for Jurisprudence on the final page of the application form.

All of the jurisprudence learning modules will be flagged incomplete in Lessonly. You do not need to complete all of the modules again. You will see a list of learning modules you have completed on your CRNM profile.

How do I complete the jurisprudence learning modules?

You can access all modules by logging in to your CRNM Profile and clicking the “jurisprudence” button on the left-hand side of your profile. Click here for more information about jurisprudence.

How do I know if I was selected for the CCP review?

If you were selected to participate in the review, you were notified by email in July. All review materials must be submitted by 4:30 p.m. on Dec. 1. This includes answering additional questions on your online renewal application. Click here for more information about the CCP review.

Employer Information

Why do I have to provide my employer information this year?

It’s now a requirement under the RHPA that we collect employer information, including a contact number. This information is public and is therefore available on Nurse Check.


How does the College protect the confidentiality of my personal/renewal information?

We use a number of security measures to protect your information and we proactively take measures to maintain the security of information we collect.

Access to your online profile is password-protected. You can help maintain the security of your personal information by not sharing your password and always logging out after you’re finished. This area of our site also encrypts all data for secure transmission across the Internet. Encryption makes information unreadable as it travels over the Internet.

How can I be sure that my online payment is secure?

Payments made online meet the standard for processing card industry (PCI) standards. This means that data transmission is encrypted and storage of any banking information also meets PCI standards. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) provides a high level of security for Internet communications and provides an encrypted communications session between your web browser and a web server. When sensitive information is being sent over the Internet between your browser and a web server, SSL verifies that the information has not been altered in any way. All major browsers released in recent years support SSL.

The College does not retain any personal banking information transmitted over the Internet. This information is retained by Elavon, our payment processor. Elavon also has enhanced security mechanisms to ensure the security of financial information.

Why does the public have access to my status and employer info on Nurse Check?

This information is public information under the RHPA. An online public register is best practice in the regulation of health professionals for a number of reasons:

  • Information can be updated in real time
  • It minimizes the risk of illegal practitioners fraudulently obtaining employment
  • It is easily accessible and available anytime