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The Registration Services team at the College provides a range of services and supports to applicants and registered nurses throughout the year.

Commonly accessed services

Nurse Check

Check to see if there are conditions or restrictions on an RN’s practice. You can also use it to verify the expiry date of your certificate of practice. Requests are processed in real-time based on information contained in our database.

Pre-Authorized Chequing (PAC) Plan

The PAC plan allows you to pre-pay the next year’s registration fees in quarterly installments. For information about the withdrawal schedule or how to enroll, click below to learn more.

Registration Renewal

Every October 1 to December 1, all registrants must renew their certificate of practice in order to continue practicing in the upcoming year. Learn more about the registration renewal process and the annual requirements.

Other registration services

Change your personal information

You can update your address, phone number and email by logging in to your member profile, but you will need to contact us regarding name changes.

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Document transfer requests

You can request a true copy of your registration application documents to be sent to another regulatory body.

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Verification of registration or exam writing requests

We can provide a verification of your current or previous registration as an RN, RN(NP) or RN(GNP) in Manitoba, or of a previous writing of the national nursing exam if you wrote it as a Manitoba candidate.

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Letter of standing/Certificate of conduct requests

You may request a letter of standing or certificate of conduct about your registration history. Please note this document is not the same as a verification of registration, required by regulatory bodies in other jurisdictions.

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Language Attestation Form

As part of the registration process, applicants must show they possess English language proficiency.  This includes the ability to read, write, listen, and speak while providing health care or health care support services for safe practice. This form is to be completed and returned to the College by a Manitoba regulated health care professional who has worked directly with the applicant in a health care or health care support service setting in the last 24- months.


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