Did you miss the registration renewal deadline?

Read about reinstatement here.


How does it work?

The PAC plan allows you to pre-pay the next year’s registration fees in quarterly installments via a pre-authorized payment from your bank account.

Can I still enroll in the PAC plan for 2023 renewal?

No, as the last quarter withdrawal has passed. To enroll in the PAC plan for 2023 prepaying 2024 renewal, see below for more information.

2023 Pre-Authorized Chequing (PAC) Withdrawals

Deductions in 2023 for PAC members pre-paying their 2024 registration will be as follows:

Withdrawal Date RN RN(NP)
Feb. 1, 2023 $129.27 $197.65
May. 1, 2023 $129.27 $197.65
Aug. 1, 2023 $129.27 $197.65
Oct. 1, 2023 $129.27 $197.65

NOTE: All the above fees include the $1.58 (includes GST) withdrawal fee which will not be reimbursed should you decide to discontinue PAC or do not register for 2023. PAC withdrawals that are not successful are subject to an NSF service charge of $57.75 (including GST).

Application Form

Are you an existing PAC member?

For existing PAC members, if the following situations apply to you, please notify us in writing:

  • Changes to bank account information
    • The next deadline is January 20, 2023. Failure to do so will result in an NSF service charge.
  • You wish to discontinue participation in the PAC program. Any fees that have been collected will be refunded minus the withdrawal fee of $1.58 (includes GST) collected for each withdrawal within the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get on the PAC plan?

You can download the application form and mail or fax at (204) 775-6052 or scan and email it to us with a cheque marked ‘VOID’ for your current chequing account or a form coming from your bank showing your banking information. All PAC application forms and voided cheques must be received in our office no later than January 20, 2023 in order to be added to the plan.

Do I need to apply to PAC every year?

If you are already on PAC you do not need to apply every year.

What if I change my membership class?

If you are applying to reinstate your certificate of practice you will need to fill out the appropriate application forms and meet the requirements in accordance with the RHPA and council policies. Find more information on reinstatement here. Once you have successfully reinstated, you may re-apply for PAC again.

How do I remove myself from the PAC program?

You may withdraw from the PAC program at any time with written notice. All fees paid will be reimbursed to you with the exception of:

  • the withdrawal fee ($1.58 per quarter)
  • any outstanding fees
  • any NSF fees incurred

How do I change my banking information?

Please notify us in writing of any change in account information and provide a new void cheque no later than five business days prior to the next withdrawal date. Failure to do so will result in an NSF service charge of $57.75 (including GST).