Did you miss the registration renewal deadline?

Read about reinstatement here.


We can provide a verification of your current or previous registration as an RN, RN(NP) or RN(GNP) in Manitoba, or of a previous writing of the national nursing exam if you wrote it as a Manitoba candidate.

To receive this information you can either:

  • submit the request form provided to you by the jurisdiction requiring the information along with the non-refundable processing fee, or
  • use the form below and submit it with the non-refundable processing fee

Download the Verification of Registration or Exam Writing Request Form

Distribution process

Verifications are sent electronically to Canadian RN regulatory bodies. To all other regulatory bodies, the verification is sent by mail. For mailed verifications, you may request a fax service for an additional charge.

Submit this form to:

Registration Services: registration@crnm.mb.ca

Requests for verification of registration are processed in the order they are received. Upon receipt of a completed request form and payment in full, please allow approximately 10 business days to complete the process. 


Work will not begin on your request until payment is received.

Verification Request Form: $78.75 (including GST)

Payment Options

Currently, fees can be paid via e-transfer, credit card over the phone, or certified cheque or money order sent via Canada Post.

Work will not begin on your application until payment has been received.

Please do not include a credit card number on your application. Once your application has been received, the College will contact you to arrange for payment.

E-transfer *please see instructions below
Certified cheque or money order By mail
Visa or MasterCard By phone

*To pay by e-transfer:

  1. Ensure your completed verification request form has been submitted to the College.
  2. Create and send the e-transfer to: etransfer@crnm.mb.ca
  3. If the bank account used to make the e-transfer is listed under a name different from the name on your application, please send a second email to etransfer@crnm.mb.ca associating the name on your application to the name of the bank account used for the e-transfer. E-transfers which are not followed up with the required identification information will be rejected.