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Changes for 2019


Renewal fees are increasing and temporary levies will be added for the next three years. Learn more here.

Background Checks

Every five years, you’ll need to send us three separate checks:

  1. Criminal record check (no link available as it depends where you live - see video below)
  2. Adult abuse registry check
  3. Child abuse registry check

You'll receive an email when it’s your turn and submissions will not be accepted until you have been notified. This requirement is being phased in and each year a new selection of RNs will be selected. After you submit, you'll be placed on a five-year rotation (i.e. if you submit in 2018, you will not submit again until 2023.)

Please ensure all current, former, alias and other names used are shown on all background checks. If you do not do this you will need to have the searches redone. We require original copies of all checks.

Employer Info

You'll need to let us know who your employers are when you go through the online renewal form. This is a new change under the RHPA and eventually all regulated health professionals will have to provide this information.

Non-Practicing Register

Beginning in 2019 there will no longer be a non-practicing register at the College. Regulations under the RHPA do not include a register category for people who are not practising. Our role is to regulate the registered nursing profession in Manitoba and it is impossible for us to regulate people who are not registered. Anyone currently on this register has been notified by email.


Call 204-774-3477 or 1-800-665-2027 (toll-free in Manitoba)
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