Request Information


The College has a rich history of registered nursing in Manitoba. While we are working to improve access to our archives, we do have some resources available.

Download the request for archive information form.


Our annual reports include a wealth of information about registered nursing in Manitoba. If you are looking for statistics that do not appear in the reports please contact Kristin Hancock at 204-789-0662 or

We will do the best to provide the information you are looking for but can’t guarantee we have it available.

Research Requests and Mailouts

We can help facilitate access to RNs in Manitoba for research purposes as long as they aim to provide a benefit for either registered nurses or the profession of nursing. We do not provide mailing lists under any circumstances. All mailings will be sent on your behalf and the privacy of RNs is protected at all times.

For electronic mailings, please allow up to three weeks to facilitate your request. For Canada Post mailings, please allow up to six weeks.

Download the application form and submit it with a copy of your ethical approval.