Canada’s Opioid Crisis: The Changing Reality Between Exam Rooms and Ivory Towers

Thursday, October 12, 2017
Hosted by
Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health
Dow’s Lake Court Conference Centre, 865 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario

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There is no one face of Canada’s drug poisoning crisis — it affects all of us. Families
and communities continue to be devastated by the loss of loved ones from all walks
of life at an unprecedented rate.

Dr. Hakique Virani, a leading voice on this most pressing public health issue, will talk about the state of the crisis and the inexorable connections between variables that make piecemeal approaches to supply and demand factors problematic. He will describe how the interventions required must take into account broader considerations that go beyond the clinical context of how we care for people living with pain or substance use disorder, or both.

Dr. Virani will also outline the risks arising from changing substance hazards and discuss responsible risk mitigation. From a public health perspective, he will examine the critical gaps in our surveillance of substance use, morbidity and mortality, and delve into the considerations for population health and policy interventions in a time where drug poisoning has reached epidemic proportions.

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