Self-Employed Practice

Self-employed registered nurses are accountable to all nursing legislation and standards. We do not recommend self-employed practice if you are a new graduate or have limited or no recent registered nursing practice experience.

Here is a checklist to get you started: Self-Employed Worksheet


Self-employed RNs must:

  • Hold a certificate of practice in either the RN or RN(NP) membership class 
  • Meet the College’s annual continuing competency program (CCP) requirements
  • Be able to verify RN practice hours through an independent third party such as an accountant, lawyer, tax specialist or designated person in authority (cannot be a family member)
  • Have and maintain competencies in the area they provide registered nursing services
  • Demonstrate the use of the nursing process to assess, make diagnoses, plan, implement and evaluate all care in a holistic manner

Recognition of Nursing Practice

If you are considering self-employed practice, make sure the services you plan to provide fall within the scope of registered nursing practice. If your practice is not direct care (such as consulting work) think about who your clients are and how you bring a nursing lens to your practice. 

If you are unsure if the services you are providing are RN or RN(NP) practice in Manitoba, you can contact our quality practice consultants in one of the following ways:

Self-employed RNs must accrue a minimum number of practice hours for renewal. If you are self-employed, we recommend you submit the Recognition of Nursing Practice form to confirm if you’re accruing nursing practice hours.

Self-Employed Practice Review

Each year after renewal, we review files of RNs who have identified as self-employed. Self-employed RNs have a different level of responsibility as there are often no colleagues or managers to consult or monitor their practice. We ask for a periodic recognition of nursing practice usually every five years or when an RN’s practice has changed significantly. We will also ask for a verification of hours so it is important to keep track of those and determine a process to verify them.


College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba

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Canadian Nurses Protective Society (CNPS)