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What is the RHPA?

The Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA) is “umbrella” legislation which means each regulated health profession will be governed under common legislation but will also have its own profession-specific regulations.

RHPA infographic Text: Regulated Health Professionals Act Regulated Health General Regulation RHPA CRNM General Regulation RHPA Practice of RN Regulation Practice Directions Interpretative Documents Council Policy Operational Policies Code of Ethics Bylaws View the infographic showing the relationship of the regulations and the RHPA to the College’s policies and bylaws.

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RN Regulations

The General Regulation contains information related to the classes of registration, membership requirements, continuing competency requirements, reserved acts and standards of practice.

Click here to read the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba General Regulation

The Practice of Registered Nursing Regulation reflects current registered nursing practice in a reserved acts model. It was developed through consultations with RNs, employers, regional health authorities, Diagnostic Services Manitoba and other regulators, and reflect current registered nursing practice in a reserved acts model.

Click here to read the Practice of Registered Nursing Regulation


The current version of the bylaws was approved at the 2021 AGM, and were confirmed at the 2022 and 2023 AGMs.


In Manitoba, registered nursing has been a self-regulating profession since 1913. Self-regulation means the government, on behalf of the public, grants a professional group the privilege and responsibility to regulate themselves.

RNs understand registered nursing better than anyone else so it simply makes good sense for the public to have professionals regulate themselves, as long as they do so in the public interest. Regulatory bodies such as the College are required to act in the public interest.

Public participation in our decision-making processes is necessary to ensure that the profession remains accountable to society at large. Public representatives sit on the College’s council and on all legislated committees. The participation of individual RNs, government, employers, educators, other professional groups and the public is essential for responsible self-regulation.

The Registered Nurses Act

The Registered Nurses Act is no longer in effect. It was the legislation that set out the College’s legal authority to regulate RNs until May 31, 2018, when the College became governed under the RHPA. Click here to review The Registered Nurses Act.